Mission Critical Investigation Services

Background Investigations

Background Investigations or pre-employment screening vary in complexity, and the decision on how much research will give you peace of mind, varies for clients.

Due Diligence Investigations

A due diligence investigation is utilized to assess the character, integrity and reputation of potential business partner(s) or key player(s) in a venture before the client enters into a substantial financial relationship.

Legal Investigations

You can choose MCI to handle part or all of a case that is being handled by your legal counsel. You’ll have an experienced investigator conduct your investigation for what a law firm might charge for a first-year associate.

Protective Surveillance

Executive protection services make use of security professionals such as armed private investigators or security specialists to protect the welfare and safety of an individual.

Investigative Credentials

Mission Critica

Licensed Private Investigator


Federal Law Enforcement (Retired)


Fraud Examiner

Considerations before hiring a private investigator.
Most people or companies considering hiring a private investigator
(PI) or certified fraud examiner (CFE) have never done so, which can make it a confusing process.
Get up to speed fast and find out what you need to know before taking the next step.
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Professional Investigation Affiliations